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Minecraft Quilt

on January 5, 2013

minecraft quilt
So I know that I want to make a quilt. I know that everyone (but me) in my family LOVES Minecraft. I seems like a great idea to go ahead an make a Minecraft quilt, right? Yet, I am apprehensive to start with this one. I looks so big for a first quilt. For the most part, the blocks really don’t look that tricky. I feel fairly confident that I could recreate most of them without much struggle. The quilt, overall, is really pretty (relatively speaking). I think that I am just scared to try something new. I have been encouraged to take a quilting class by a couple of people now. But in many ways, quilting doesn’t seem that different to me than sewing, though many people have said otherwise. There is so much info and videos on the net and youtube.I feel like if I got stuck or had a question I should be able to find the answer that way. But then I fear that I am missing some “best practice” methods. Ugh! Maybe it is time for me to just suck it up and buy a bit of fabric and try making a block or two of this one and see what happens. Here is the link to the website I found this fun gamer quilt at
I know that my husband and kids would be thrilled with it!


3 responses to “Minecraft Quilt

  1. I say do it! Do one block a month and if you are worried about quilting the whole thing quilt one block at a time…just a thought it called quilt as you go just in case you don’t know.

  2. jodi says:

    I’m sure u will do a fabulous job on any quilt u decide to create;)))

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